Three’s the Limit!

There are times when “triple” is good:  a Triple Play in a game of baseball (depending on which team you’re rooting for), a Triple Threat (do you sing, dance, and act?), and a Triple Crown (well, only if you own a thoroughbred horse).

But, when it comes to taking a class THREE TIMES at Sacramento City College, “triple” isn’t so great anymore.  In case you didn’t know, students are only be allowed to take a class three times.  Included in the three attempts will be grades of D’s and F’s, W’s, and NP’s.  And, be aware that all attempts from any Los Rios Community College will be counted.  This means that students will NOT be able to jump from one college to another to repeat courses multiple times!

Here is an example:

If a student attempted Math 100 in Fall 2012 and received a “W” and then repeated the class in Spring 2013 with a “D” grade, the third enrollment of Math 100 in Fall 2013 will be the LAST CHANCE.  And, it doesn’t matter how long ago you received a “W” or substandard grade…that attempt still counts.

If you still need to take that specific course because it is absolutely required for general education or your major, you will have to take the equivalent of that course at another college OUTSIDE OF LOS RIOS, such as Sierra College in Rocklin, San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, or Woodland College in Woodland.  You will have to go through their application and enrollment process…and possibly take an assessment test over again if you do not the prerequisite met.

We understand that students have other responsibilities outside of school and that circumstances come up unexpectedly which may cause a substandard grade or withdrawal.  For these reasons, it will be important to plan ahead and to make good choices such as taking less units and scheduling time with a tutor.  Also, always be aware of the deadline to drop classes (if you need to) before receiving a “W” on your transcript.

We want students to do their best and to complete courses successfully on their first attempts.  By doing so, students are able to advance to the next level of courses (particularly with the Math and English sequences), to feel confident about their studies, and to move closer to their educational goals of graduation and/or transfer.