male student posing at SCC entranceDo you remember your first job?

It might have been babysitting your younger sibling or washing your neighbor’s car, but you still had an important task to finish.

Years later, when you wanted a “real job,” you probably filled out an actual job application and interviewed with your future supervisor.  Whether you worked in an office or at the mall, you learned valuable skills such as customer service and time management.

So now you are here at Sacramento City College and you want a CAREER!  A “career” is far different than a “job”… a career is a long-term profession that you have chosen to pursue in your life through special training or education.  A career involves the use of the skills, expertise, and knowledge that you learned in-and-out of the classrooms.  And depending on that career goal, it may mean that you are here to earn a certificate, obtain an Associates Degree, or complete transfer requirements to a university.

Many students don’t realize that Sacramento City College has a CAREER CENTER!  The Career Center is a place where you can explore different career paths, use computers for career research, and browse through books that focus on specific career interests.  The Career Center staff can show you how to navigate through cool websites – such as the California Career Café and Eureka!

woman posing with Careers materials

Career Research and Exploration
So you want to be an engineer…that’s GREAT!  But do you want to be a civil, architectural, mechanical, biomedical, aeronautical, chemical, computer, or electrical engineer?  If you want to learn about engineers (or hundreds of other careers), the Career Center can show you online resources to help you research your area of interest.  You will also learn how to match your major to an exciting new career pathway.  For example, not everyone who majors in History plans to be a history teacher.  History majors can pursue exciting careers as a lobbyist, journalist, campaign worker, researcher, or public relations specialist.

Career Assessments
Assessments help students with identifying their strengths, skills, and talents related to various careers.  For example, there are some careers where problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills are important.  The assessments will NOT pick out your future career for you, but they will help you look at all of your options.  It is also a fun way to learn more about yourself!

Career Workshops
Workshops are offered every month related to career exploration.  Also, be on the lookout for special events called “Major Matters” that focus on career paths such as career technical education (CTE).  If you are unable to attend a workshop, you can make an appointment to meet with a Career Center staff for individual assistance.

woman posing with Career books


Additional resources:
The Career Center has computers for students to research careers, to search for jobs, and to work on their resumes.  (No Facebook-ing, please!) There is also a fax machine to send your job application and resume to employers.

Job Search Assistance
Finding a job can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure where to look.  The Career Center keeps an updated binder of jobs that are available both on-campus and off-campus.  There is also a Career Center bulletin board outside of the Counseling Office where updates are posted.

Portfolio Development
Is your resume, cover letter, and reference list outdated…like the 1980’s outdated?  The Career Center has sample handouts to help your documents look new and improved!

Interview Techniques
Interview aren’t that bad…….but, only if you practice!  The staff in the Career Center can help you learn new interview skills to build your confidence and to help you feel prepared for the big day.