Do I need an iSEP?

At Sacramento City College, there are many classes to choose from.  For example, if you look under the subject of “English,” you will find courses related to English Creative Writing, English Education, English Reading, English Literature, and English Writing.

So, how do you know which class to pick?  The answer is simple: get an iSEP!

Yeah! Get an iSEP if you…
• want to create a personalized educational plan that outlines the courses you need to fulfill graduation and/or transfer goals.

• want to understand which general education pattern is right for you, which major prep courses to take, and which electives are recommended to reach unit requirements.

• want to meet with a counselor to ask specific questions about your educational goals – including transfer admission requirements to the UC and/or CSU, GPA criteria, selection process for impacted majors, and the application process for graduation and/or transfer.

• want to avoid taking unnecessary courses so that you can complete your educational goal in a timely manner (and move on to do great things in your career or other educational pursuits!).

Nah! Don’t get an iSEP if you…
• want to randomly take classes and don’t care whether or not they fulfill any graduation and/or transfer requirements.

• don’t think it’s important to understand how courses meet general education requirements, major prep, and/or electives.

• want to figure out information on your own and don’t want any support from counselors who can provide important updates.

• aren’t concerned about accumulating excess units and staying here longer than needed because you took the wrong classes.  (What’s another 3 years anyway, right?!)


Watch this video to learn more about the iSEP!