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That moment of fear when you realize that your professor is asking a lot of questions and randomly calling on people to answer.MYTH BUSTER: So, tell the truth…how did you imagine your first college professor to be?  Were you expecting someone intimidating and unapproachable?

You were proven wrong, weren’t you?!?!

As you may have experienced already, SCC has the most down-to-earth, personable, outgoing, and enthusiastic professors who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with students.

Hey…you might even think that they are C-O-O-L!  Some of your professors are probably on social media, take selfies, and use hashtags. #sccprofessorsarecool

(NOTE:  Even if your professors are active members of social media, it does NOT mean that you should search their names to “friend” or “follow” them!)

THE REAL DEAL: Your professors at Sacramento City College care about your learning experiences and want you to do your best. They strive to keep their classrooms as a positive environment where students and professors are able to engage in insightful, challenging, and meaningful discussions.  And, get this, many professors are actually former SCC students who have been down your same path and have chosen to return to their former campus to inspire students!

Whether you are a new or continuing student, there are certain behaviors, mannerisms, and actions that your professors expect from you in college. Some things are quite obvious – like do all your homework and attend class on time – but, surprisingly, many forget that college is a place where maturity, respect, and courtesy are expected from each student.

The four pages below include strategies and tips directly from your professors at Sacramento City College. Each comment that was forwarded was thoughtfully written with the best intentions to help students succeed in the classroom!

As one professor stated “College is a gift to yourself. Immerse yourself in learning, take it all in, and appreciate the time you have to come to school. It’s one of the only activities in life that is all about you.”

Thank you to all the faculty that participated in this activity!

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I'm not here to be average. I'm here to be awesome.Around the 8th week of the semester, a fascinating phenomenon occurs on campus…

All of a sudden, the Tutoring Center seems a little more crowded than usual, students are forming lines outside of their professors’ offices to discuss their grades, and classes seemed to be filled with classmates whom you haven’t seen in weeks.

So, what’s going on around here?!?!?

The answer is this:  it’s time for MIDTERMS!

Once we hit the midterm (and, yes, it’s here already!), students get a wake-up call that it’s time to get focused, busy, and back on track.

For some students, this means making drastic changes with their study behaviors in order to successfully complete the second half of the semester.  It means no more missing classes, no more incomplete assignments, and no more distractions with social networking or the internet! 

But there is some great news despite the “midterm madness” going on.  For many students, midterms is the time to shine!  It’s the time to show your professors that you have diligently read your textbooks, completed your homework, and participated in study groups with the end result of acing those midterms!

While not every class that you take will require a midterm, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax.  This is an ideal time to re-evaluate your goals, to prioritize what is important to you, and to strategize on how you are going to finish the next 8 weeks.  (Yes, after this week, there are only 8 more weeks left!)

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counselor meeting with student in his officeImagine this scenario…

Your College Success professor has assigned a presentation and your topic is “utilizing support services on campus.”  As you gather information, you have questions about how to organize your presentation and whether or not you are following the instructions correctly.  Unfortunately, your class doesn’t meet again until next week and you want to finish your outline this weekend.

Question:  What do you do?

Answer:  Meet with your professor during office hours!

Earlier this semester when your professors extended an invitation for you and your classmates to meet during office hours, they weren’t kidding!  Your professors set aside this time every week so that you can ask questions about homework, get feedback on assignments, or get information that you may have missed during a lecture.

Unfortunately, many students pass up the opportunity to meet with their professors because they are embarrassed about discussing their progress, think that their professors are too busy, or are too nervous to ask questions.  But, in reality, your professors are there to help you succeed.  They want you to ask questions so that you understand the topics that are discussed in your classes.
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Quote: College is nice. You can wear the same shirt two days in a row...#late post

(It’s really Week 8, but here’s the post for Week 7 for your reading enjoyment!)

Do you remember the first week of the semester when your adrenaline was pumping from the excitement of starting college?

You had everything planned out…you cut back on your work hours to focus on school, you organized your room to provide an ideal study environment, and you refrained (or at least gave it a good effort!) from social media until your homework was done!

If you still feel this way, then good for you!  Keep up the great work!

If you don’t feel this way, then it’s time to get back on track.  You’ve been recruited to the Need2Know Boot Camp!

In this boot camp, you are your own trainer, your own coach, your own drill sergeant because, when it comes down to it, motivation has to come from WITHIN yourself.  Sure, you can have your family, friends, co-workers, counselors, professors, and classmates cheering you on, but there is only so much that others can do to build your confidence.  You have to believe in yourself first!

Boot camp starts now!

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NOW (yes, NOW!) is the BEST time to meet with a counselor! We’re almost at the halfway point and, once the new schedules become available online, the Counseling Department will be even busier.

If you haven’t met with a counselor and need to update your educational plan, stop by Rodda North 147 to schedule an appointment.

sign that says "Welcome to Counseling" and "Check in here."Remember the end of last semester when you stood in line outside the Counseling Office only to discover that all of the “same day” slots were filled and that the next appointment wasn’t until 2 weeks away?

You vowed that you would never put yourself in that situation again…EVER!

So, where have you been?!?!  Counselors have been waiting for you!

If you haven’t met with a counselor, this is the best time to do so.  Once the Spring 2018 schedule become available, the Counseling Office becomes the most happening place on campus.

SCC counselors are here to assist you with understanding the path you will take to reach your educational goal.  They want you to take the right classes, in the right sequence, and at the right time!

Click below for tips on how to…

Yellow box: Prepare for your counseling appointment!

Quote: Mirror mirror on the wall, I'll always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk, or have to crawl, I'll set my goals and achieve them all.One of the most memorable events at Sacramento City College is Graduation day.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing – and hearing! – your family and friends cheer you on as you walk across the stage in your cap and gown. For many students, this is an end to a remarkable educational journey at SCC that required a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work.  But it also marks the beginning of a new adventure – whether the next step is to transfer to a university or to jump into the work field.

Each year, hundreds of students are awarded an Associate Degree for successfully completing graduation requirements.  Being a college graduate is a huge accomplishment and it is truly a celebration at SCC!

As a new student, understanding degree requirements may get confusing, especially if you are not aware of the differences between general education, major, and elective courses.  Additionally, many students don’t realize that earning an Associate Degree does not mean that they are ready to transfer to a university.  (And, students who complete transfer requirements do not always qualify for an Associate Degree.)

If you are planning to transfer to a university (which we hope that you consider!), it is important to know which courses are UC or CSU transferable, when application deadlines are, and admission criteria for impacted majors.  Depending on your major and transfer campus, admission may be based on a competitive GPA.

The best way to learn about graduation and transfer requirements is to meet with a Counselor. Counselors can be your biggest supporters in helping you achieve your educational goals.  They are available to help with academic, personal, and career goals.

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How to meet with a counselor

Imagine that you are in class trying to listen to an important lecture and all you hear is gum-smacking, soda-slurping, and pencil-tapping from other students around you.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, turning around in your seat to give your classmates a dirty look won’t help – especially when they’re too busy to look up from texting!

As a college student, there are expectations from your professors and fellow classmates that you will behave in (and out!) of the classroom.  It’s not just about raising your hand or arriving to class on time; it’s also about being respectful, polite, and taking your education seriously.  No one wants to sit next to the person who is constantly falling asleep in class or taking selfies.

So, what exactly are unacceptable classroom behaviors?  Click on the box below to read more…

classroom behaviors 101

quote: you don't get the same moment twice in lifeAs a college student, you have a lot to remember!

Although your professors will help to keep you on track, ultimately, you are responsible for remembering what chapter to read, which exam to study for, and when to turn in your homework assignment.

How many times have you sat in the library doing homework only to realize that you were supposed to meet your study group in the Student Center over 25 minutes ago!

As the semester progresses, it will get increasingly difficult to keep track of everything, especially if you are relying solely on nothing else but your memory.

(NOTE: It’s not that your memory is bad, but how can you possibly remember everything that needs to be done in a week, a month, or an entire semester!)

Unfortunately, without some kind of time-management tool, you’re bound to forget something…and that something could cost you to fall behind in class, to fail an unexpected exam, or to lose points on an assignment because you turned it in late.

Most likely, with new technology being introduced every day, there’s probably an app to help you keep track of important deadlines.  But what happens if you lose your phone, the battery runs low, or you don’t have access to wifi?  You will have to find another way to stay on track.

So, what can you do?

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