Student Support Services

picture of student in the Career Center holding resourcesDid you know that Sacramento City College offers free programs and services to assist students?

College is not a journey that you take alone…utilize these resources to help you achieve success!

Admissions Office – At the Admissions Office, you can get help with applying to the college, adding/dropping classes, ordering transcripts, completing the graduation petition, requesting verification of enrollment, and picking up forms – such as the student petition, academic renewal, and re-admission for dismissal.  (Location:  Student Services Building; Phone number:  916-558-2351)

Assessment Center – Reading, writing, and math skills are essential for learning and understanding all subjects.  Assessments are offered in the areas of reading, writing, and math to assist students with appropriate placement in courses.  (Location:  Student Services Building; Phone number:  916-558-2541)

CalWORKs – The CalWORKs program provides assistance to students who are receiving public assistance.  The program helps students obtain lifelong learning through education to gain access to the work force and a new career.  (Location:  Temporary Building 1; Phone number:  916-558-2331)

Career Center – In the Career Center, students can explore new careers, build on their current careers, and get help matching their majors to careers.  Students can also receive assistance with résumés, cover letters, interview skills, and job search strategies.  (Location:  In the Counseling Center; Rodda North; Phone number:  916-558-2384)

Counseling – Counselors are available to help students with academic, career, and personal counseling.  Through academic counseling, counselors can assist with clarifying educational goals towards a degree, certificate, and/or transfer.  Through career counseling, counselors can assist with exploring personal values, interests, and skills to identify a major that will lead to a fulfilling career.  Through personal counseling, counselor can assist with life issues that may interfere with academic success.  Counselors can also provide on/off campus referrals and resources.  (Location:  Rodda North Room 147; Phone number:  916-558-2204)

Clubs (Student Organization) – Any group of students having common interests may organize a student club under rules established for student organizations.  Each club must have a faculty advisor and be approved by the Student Leadership and Development Office.  Currently, there are over 60 students clubs that are open to all SCC students.  (Location:  South Gym 226; Phone number:  916-558-2381)

Disability Resource Center – The Disability Resource Center serves students with documented physical, learning, communication, developmental or psychological impairments and acquired brain injuries.  Services include counseling, notetakers, assistive computer technology, and real-time captioning.  (Location:  Student Services Building; Phone number:  916-2087)

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) –  EOPS is a student support program for educationally and economically disadvantaged students. It is designed to provide opportunities in higher education for students with academic potential who, historically, would not have attended college.  Services include counseling, priority registration, textbook assistance, and financial aid assistance.  (Location:  Rodda North Room 155;  Phone number:  916-558-2403)

Health Services – The mission of Health Services is to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit of the campus community.  Services include health assessment and counseling, TB testing, blood pressure screening, first aid/emergency care, nutritional consultation, and reproductive health services.  Community referrals are available to students regarding medical, dental, and vision services.  (Location:  In the Counseling Center/Rodda North; Phone number:  916-558-2367)

International Student Center – SCC highly values the rich, cultural diversity that is created by the presence of international students (F-1).  Students are provided assistance with admission requirements, immigration status, federal regulations, and educational opportunities.  (Location:  In the Counseling Center/Rodda North; Phone number:  916-558-2486)

MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) – MESA is a program specially designed for students majoring in math, engineering, or science.  The program emphasizes collaborative study, encourages students to attain high academic achievement, and to transfer to four-year universities to pursue degrees in math or science.  (Location:  Rodda South 122; Phone number:  916-558-2497)

RISE (Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination, Education) – RISE believes that all students can successfully complete college if they choose to.  RISE offers tutoring, community involvement, college tours, and the “hook up” on campus to competitive four-year universities. (Location:  RS 158; Phone number:  916-650-2782)

Transfer Center – The Transfer Center assists students in transferring to four-year universities and colleges.  Catalogs, workshops, and resources are provided to students to research various transfer campuses of interests.  Local university representatives (UC Davis and CSU Sacramento) are also available to assist students.  (Location:  In the Counseling Center/Rodda North; Phone number:  916-558-2181)

Veterans Affairs– The Veterans Affairs office is available to assist Veterans, spouses, and children of disabled or deceased veterans who may be eligible for federal and/or state educational benefits.  There is also a Veterans Resource Center in SG 103 to assist veterans with academic counseling, computer and printer use, a place to study, and to meet other veterans.  (Location:  PAC 101 ; Phone number:  916-558-2591)

Work Experience Education and Internship Program – This program provides internship assistance to qualified students through collaboration with the campus community and employers.  Internships, coupled with Work Experience classes, promote student success and workforce development by encouraging students to identify career paths, to pursue certificate or degrees tied to their career paths, and to achieve successful job placement through internships.  (Location:  In the Counseling Center/Rodda North; Phone number:  916-558-2069)

Workability III – The Workability III program provides students with disabilities with employment services. To qualify, students must be a current participant in the California Department of Rehabilitation. Services include career counseling, resume review, and job placement assistance. (Location: Student Services Building; Phone number: 916-558-2590)