Unfortunately, we are all guilty of making up excuses to avoid something that we don’t necessarily want to do.  But, the truth is, sometimes what we don’t want to do is actually really good for us! 

We just don’t ever know until we try.

So, with that said, what’s really your excuse about NOT signing up for tutoring? 

Read the information below and, hopefully, those excuses will no longer hold you back from getting the help that you may need!

EXCUSE #1:  Tutors are expensive!  There’s no way I am going to sign up for tutoring if I have to pay for help.

REALITY: Tutoring services at Sacramento City College are FREE.  You don’t have to pay any of the tutors to assist you…and you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t tip them at the end of your study session!  A simple “thank you” is enough.

EXCUSE #2:  Tutoring is only for students who are failing their classes.

REALITY:  Many students who seek tutorial services are actually making great progress in their classes because they take the time to review and understand information with their tutors.

EXCUSE #3:  Tutoring is time consuming.  I don’t have time in my busy schedule for tutoring!

REALITY:  Did you know that meeting with a tutor takes ONLY ONE HOUR A WEEK!  At the end of the week, students spend more hours watching television, texting on their cell phones, updating their Facebook profiles, and checking their email accounts!  In one hour of tutoring, you can learn important study skills, get help understanding assignments, and review new information learned in class.  Now, that’s an hour well spent!

EXCUSE #4:  No one uses tutoring at the start of the semester…there’s no need for it yet.

REALITY:  It is never too early in the semester to sign up for tutoring…don’t wait until you are struggling or feeling confused to seek help.  Tutoring is available at the start of every semester all the way until finals!

EXCUSE #5:  I’m going to be banned from tutoring if I don’t get a 100% on my next exam even after all the help I have received.

REALITY:  Of course not!  Tutors can be one of your biggest supporters at SCC…they definitely want you to succeed and any progress that you make is a great accomplishment.  Tutors do not put any pressure on students nor do they make any judgments on your grades.  Tutors are here to help you!

EXCUSE #6: I don’t know who offers tutoring or where to go. 

REALITY:  Well, you do now!  Click on the box below for a listing of all the tutoring services available at SCC!

list of tutoring services at SCC