Beacon Learning Groups

Have you ever head the phrase “beacon of light?”  By definition, a “beacon of light” is a source of inspiration or guidance…and we have that here at Sacramento City College through the Beacon Tutoring Program!

The Beacon program offers supplemental instruction to students by students Here’s how it works:  In some of your classes, your instructor may introduce a Beacon tutor who will be available in and out of the classroom to help you understand the lecture and activities that you have learned.  The Beacon tutor has been selected by your instructor and is already familiar with the course content.  The Beacon tutor then meets with students in a group setting to review what has been taught in class.

The goal of the Beacon Tutoring Program is to promote and encourage students to work together and to help one another succeed in the class.  The Beacon program is offered in many subjects including Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Accounting, Graphic Communication, Geology, History, Political Science, and Statistics.

So, if you are introduced to a Beacon tutor, take advantage of this great resource.  There is no better way to learn a new subject than being part of a study group that is motivated and committed to achieving success!