Tutoring – Help with Math

Yes, Mathematics can be fun!  What else is more exciting than learning about polynomials, fractions, derivatives, and hyperbolas?!?!

But if you are solving math problems and the numbers don’t add up, there are math tutors on campus who can help!

Learning Skills and Tutoring Center – The Learning Skills and Tutoring Center offers tutoring in subjects such as Anthropology, Biology, English, ESL, Foreign Languages, Math, Psychology, Statistics…and many others courses.  Tutors are students who have earned “A” or “B” grades in the subjects that they are tutoring in.  They have also completed courses in which they are trained as tutors.  To sign up for tutoring, please visit the Learning Skills and Tutoring Center on the first floor of the Library.

Math Lab – The Math Lab is located in Rodda South 162 and is open to students who are enrolled in a math-related class at Sacramento City College.  The tutors circulate the lab to assist students with their math-related studies.  Additional services include: textbooks, student solution manuals, videos, and computers to access math-related interactive software.

MESA – Tutors are available to help students who are majoring in math, engineering, or science.  Some of the subjects that tutors assist with include:  Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and all levels of Mathematics.  MESA also provides a Math and Science Boot Camp prior to the start of each Fall and Spring semesters.  MESA is located in Rodda South 122.

RISE – Tutoring is available in English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, History, Political Science, and many other courses.  To schedule a tutoring appointment, visit the RISE office in Room 7 of the Administration of Justice Building.