Tutoring – Help with Writing

It’s been 25 minutes since you sat at your desk and your computer screen hasn’t changed – no new paragraphs, no new sentences, no new words…not even a single letter of the alphabet has been added.  Where do you begin?

If you need help with a writing assignment, there are tutors on campus who can assist you.  But, please be aware that tutors cannot correct or edit your papers.

Writing Center – Tutors can help you with all aspects and stages of the writing process.  They can advise you in brainstorming, narrowing down, and organizing your main ideas.  They can also help you understand your writing assignment and make sure that your paper addresses the prompt.  The Writing Center is located inside the Learning Skills and Tutoring Center.

Learning Skills and Tutoring Center – The Learning Skills and Tutoring Center offers tutoring in subjects such as Anthropology, Biology, English, ESL, Foreign Languages, Math, Psychology, Statistics…and many others courses.  Tutors are students who have earned “A” or “B” grades in the subjects that they are tutoring in.  They have also completed courses in which they are trained as tutors.  To sign up for tutoring, please visit the Learning Skills and Tutoring Center on the first floor of the Library.

RISE – Tutoring is available in English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, History, Political Science, and many other courses.  To schedule a tutoring appointment, visit the RISE office in Room 7 of the Administration of Justice Building.