Faculty Resources

This page contains important information for faculty teaching at the SCC West Sacramento Center.

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Canceling a Class Meeting

  • Call (916) 375-5511 if cancelling your class for the day.
  • Office staff will post class cancellation notice to the classroom, Facebook, and Twitter.

Classroom Key

  • Keys need to be picked up and returned at the Center.

Contact Information

Copy Machine

  • Copy machines are available for faculty use in the mailroom – WSC 117 (1st floor) and in the faculty office – WSC 209 (2nd floor).

Course Syllabus

  • All faculty teaching at the SCC West Sacramento are required to submit an electronic copy of their current course syllabus to the Center. Email a copy of the course syllabus to Hannia Velez at velezh@scc.losrios.edu.

Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) Testing Accommodations

  • DSPS testing accommodations are provided at the Center. Please contact the front office staff at the Center for more information.

Library Orientations

  • An SCC Librarian is available to visit your class and introduce your students to the rich resources available to them. By using the library catalog and online databases, students can find information appropriate for their course projects. Help them get started by scheduling a library orientation.

Request an Orientation

Make-up Exams for Students

  • Faculty needs to arrange the make-up exam for students with the front office staff at the Center.

Office Hours

  • Faculty may hold office hours in the faculty areas – WSC 123 (1st floor) or WSC 209 (2nd floor). See the front office staff for more details.
  • Office hours may be held before or after class in the classroom as long as it does not impact another class.
  • Interest Form for Adjunct Faculty Office Hours Program

Parking Permit

  • Faculty may pick up parking permits at the Center. See the front office staff for more information.

Reserve Textbooks for Student Use

  • Faculty may loan or donate a copy of their current textbook to the Center to be placed on the reserve for student use.
  • Contact your publisher’s representative to request an additional copy.

Scantron Machine

  • A Scantron Machine is available for faculty use in room WSC 123 (1st floor).
  • The Center provides scantron forms for answer keys. See the front office staff for more information.