How much do WorkAbility III services cost?
WorkAbility III services are free. There is a one-unit cost for taking the HCD-330 class, but this can be paid by the BOG waiver or by your DOR counselor.

How often are WorkAbility classes offered?
Classes and workshops are every month or so.  See the Calendar of Classes and Workshops for specific dates and times. Every effort is made to accommodate the work and educational schedules of consumers.

Can I get job placement services without taking the JSS class?
No—you must complete the JSS class in order to get job placement services. There are some important assignments in the JSS class that will help you start your career and get a job fast, as independently as possible.

How hard is the class?  Is there homework involved?
For a college class, the JSS class is pretty easy.  However, there are important homework assignments and readings that need to be done.  We understand that students in the JSS classes are very diverse in their academic abilities, and we will always make accommodations in the assignments that allow each student to participate in their own level, as fully and independently as possible.

What if I get a job, and then lose it?  Do I still qualify for WAIII and DOR services?
Yes—as long as you have a disability that impacts how you find or keep a job, and as long as you are making a significant effort to return to work and grow your career, you will be eligible for services.

 If I go back to work, will I lose my SSI or SSDI?
Benefits advising is part of the JSS class. In nearly every situation, you will benefit financially by returning to work, and it is likely that you will continue getting critical medical and safety net benefits.  Your fear of losing benefits should not interfere with the process of returning to work. Please ask for help if you are concerned about losing benefits.

But I might make less money working than staying on SSI/SSDI!
There are very few situations where you would lose money by returning to work. Child-support payments or owing back payments to Social Security might be an exception, but even in most of those situations, you will clearly benefit financially by returning to work.

 How often can I meet with the WorkAbility III Counselor or Employment Specialist?
There is no limit on appointments. As long as you are making progress towards your new job, we are happy to meet with you as often as you feel necessary. We like to see people become employed, and fast!  The level of your own motivation will usually determine how often you work with us.