Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty Consultations

If you are a faculty member who has a question about designing writing assignments or responding to and assessing writing in ways most likely to help your students become stronger writers, you can arrange a time to meet with the Writing Center coordinator for an individual consultation. The Writing Center Coordinator is also available to speak with faculty members about strategies for helping individual students who are struggling with writing.

To set up a consultation, call the Writing Center Coordinator at 650-2791.

Referring students to the Writing Center

If you would like to refer students to the Writing Center, they have to complete two steps to get seen by a tutor.

First, they must fill out a Tutoring Referral Form, and there is a link for the document below. If you are helping a student fill out the form, there are three sections on the form. The top section is “To Be Completed by the Student.” Please make sure they fill it out completely and legibly. The next section is “To be completed by the Instructor or Counselor.” Please ensure this is filled out completely by a counselor or instructor. The last section is on the back. They must read our policies and sign that they read and understood. Please make sure they read these policies because there are some important policies we have that can affect the students’ ability to see a tutor. For example, if they do not show up for an appointment and do not call to cancel before, and if they do this two times in a semester, they will no longer be able to make appointments for the rest of the semester.

Second, the student must come into the writing center and turn in the completed form and add Supervised Tutoring to his or her class schedule. Supervised Tutoring is zero units, zero fee, and will not show up on transcripts. This step must be done in order to see a tutor.

We are located on the first floor of the Library (LR 144).