Writing Center Policies

To schedule a tutoring appointment, visit the Writing Center or call us at (916) 558-2126.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a short referral form and register on one of our computers for HS 1000, a zero-unit, zero-fee class.

We also ask that students sign in and out on our computer before and after each tutoring session.

  • Tutoring sessions are approximately one hour long.
  • Students with appointments have first priority.
  • If students are late for their appointments, tutors will only wait ten minutes. After that, anyone waiting for a same-day appointment may be given that appointment time.
  • Students may only participate in one tutoring session per day, regardless of how long the first session was.
  • Students are limited to no more than two sessions total per week whether those sessions are scheduled in advance or walk-ins on the same day.
  • Tutors can only work with students currently enrolled at SCC.
  • Students must be signed up for HS 1000 and have a Referral Form on file at the front desk.
  • Tutors may not complete, correct, or edit any essays, papers, or workbooks.
  • Tutors cannot provide assistance on the same day the assignment is due.  Students must leave adequate time to receive feedback and revise their work.
  • Students should bring a physical copy of their assignment as well as the prompt and any related readings to every session.
  • If you do not show up for two appointments and do not notify us in advance, we will remove your name from the appointment system for any other appointments you have scheduled, so we can use these times for other students. You will not be allowed to schedule any further appointments in advance for the rest of the semester, but you will still be welcome to come in for walk-in appointments.
  • As of Spring 2017, if you do not cancel your appointment at least one hour before your appointment start time, that appointment will be counted as a “No Call/No Show.”

What Our Tutors Can Do:

  • Help you interpret your instructor’s writing prompt and make sure that your paper addresses the prompt
  • Advise you in brainstorming, narrowing down, and organizing your main ideas
  • Suggest appropriate outside sources and demonstrate how to cite sources in your paper
  • Assist you in identifying grammar and punctuation errors which need to be corrected and help you learn the English usage rules needed to correct these errors yourself
  • Guide you through the writing process and encourage you to feel more confident about your writing

What Our Tutors Cannot Do:

  • Give detailed assistance if you do not provide a written prompt or assignment sheet
  • Write any part of your essay
  • Provide factual data for you or be a final authority on whether a specific source is acceptable–Always check with your instructor!
  • Proofread or edit your paper for you
  • Second-guess or contradict your instructor’s methods or directions or guarantee you a particular grade