Writing Resources

Writing Websites

The following websites can provide additional resources to help with areas such as organization, grammar and usage, and source citations.  Each link is followed by a brief description of the website and the particular areas on which it focuses.

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

    The Purdue University Online Writing Lab offers information, examples, and exercises about a wide variety of topics, including Thesis Statements, Organization, Grammar and Usage, Research, and Citing Sources in a variety of citation styles. All of the sections are printable.

  • Grammar-Quizzes.com

    Grammar-Quizzes.com includes a wide variety of grammar topics, with examples, visuals, and practice exercises.  There are 18 areas of grammar study overall, plus a review and a section on general writing rules.

  • The Guide to Grammar and Writing

    The Guide to Grammar and Writing contains an index of Parts of Speech, Sentence Parts, Sentence Types, Kinds of Punctuation, and Grammar Rules.  Each entry contains rules, examples, visuals, and online quizzes.

  • EnglishPage.com

    EnglishPage.com is designed for intermediate to advanced ESL learners.  The site features online English grammar lessons, an online grammar book, and an online English > Foreign Languages dictionary.