Course Substitution Petition

This form is only to request that a course you have taken previously at another college be substituted for a program (major) course requirement or competency requirement at Sacramento City College (SCC). To verify General Education (GE) course requirements taken previously at another college, please meet with a counselor and complete a GE Certification.

Before You Complete This Form

  • Your official transcript must be on file with the SCC Admissions and Records Office before submitting your online course substitution petition.
  • In order to speed the process of your course substitution form, we recommend that you upload a PDF file of the course description, or the course syllabus, for each completed course.

After You Complete This Form

  • Once your form is submitted, the Admissions and Records office will forward your online course substitution petition to the department that oversees your major/program of study for approval. Course substitutions used for an AA/AS – T degree will also be forwarded to the Counseling Articulation Officer for approval.
  • The department will then forward Approved/Denied course substitution petitions to the Admission and Records Office.
  • Please allow 2 (two) weeks to process. The Admissions and Records office will email you the outcome of your course substitution.

A Course Substitution is NOT Required if

  • Your course has a Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID).
    A C-ID is a statewide numbering system designed to identify comparable courses and facilitate articulation with any other CCC with the same designation for course content credit. Any community college course that bears a C-ID number signifies that it is equivalent in content, rigor, and student learning outcomes. Click the C-ID Courses to search for a C-ID number by discipline, college, or effective date.
  • Your course has already been approved to meet the prerequisites for the Allied Health Programs.
    Please review the Transfer Course Equivalency Grid for approved courses.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

About You


About This Substitution

  • SCC does not evaluate foreign transcripts for course waivers or transfer credits. If you need evaluation services we recommend that you contact the National Association of Credential Evaluations Services (NACES) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE), which is a membership organization for credential evaluation services. Their website provides a listing of member evaluation services. We cannot recommend an individual company for this service. Translated and/or evaluated transcripts must come in a sealed envelope from the company you used and submitted to our Admissions and Records. An unofficial copy of the evaluation is acceptable for the Course Substitution Petition.

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