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The Art History major is designed to prepare students for further study in the history of art leading to the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and/or the Ph.D. in Art History. Art Historians with advanced degrees are college instructors, museum and gallery directors, curators, or art critics and can work for public and private collectors.

Career Opportunities

Art historians with undergraduate degrees are placed as registrars, preparators, and curatorial staff in art museums and galleries; they can also be employed as art critics in mass media publications, such as newspapers and magazines. An advanced degree allows an art historian a wider range of possible career applications, including museums directorships, curators, instructors, preservationists, researchers, and auction house personnel.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • assess and evaluate the contributions of artists throughout history.
  • identify and evaluate works of art or architecture according to their appropriate style and time frame.
  • analyze and critique art and architecture within the context of their functions and meanings.
  • research and assess theoretical information concerning the meanings and purposes of art and architecture.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the history of cultures and civilizations and how art and architecture is a reflection of that history.

Associate in Arts Degree

The Art History Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree may be obtained by completion of the required program, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See SCC graduation requirements.