Students Transferring From Another College

Students who have completed coursework in English, ESL, and math outside of the Los Rios College District and require prerequisites please do the following:

  • For ESL courses evaluation, please contact the Language and Literature Department at (916)558-2325.
    • Please bring your unofficial transcript(s) for ESL courses to Rodda Hall South Room 226 (RHS226).
  • For English or math courses evaluation, please do the following:
    • Review the Approved English or Math External LRCCD Credit list at on the Admission and Records website.
    • If your English or math course is not on the External LRCCD list, bring a course description from the identified catalog at the college you attended, an official transcript with proof of passing the course, AP scores if taken to the Admission and Records.  You will have to complete a Prerequisite Equivalency form (ENGCW, ENGWR, ENGED, MATH and STAT  at the Admission and Records.
    • If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the Admission and Records Office at (916)558-2351.

With your transcript, you may be able to satisfy prerequisites for English, math and other courses and meet transfer requirements. Please see the Counseling Department located in Rodda Hall North (RHN) room 147 or call (916)558-2204 for more information.