Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences at Sacramento City College offers courses for students with varied career objectives. Through the Department, students can seek courses preparing them for the rigors of a Bachelor’s Degree in various biological fields from biochemistry to conservation biology as well as to fulfill the requirements of an Associate of Science Degree. For those interested in field biology/ecology we offer courses leading to a Certificate in Field Ecology, a program designed in conjunction with wildlife agencies and private consultant firms to position our students as excellent candidates for entry level positions and internships.

Our courses also support the Allied Health fields providing the needed prerequisite academic and technical knowledge necessary for success in a wide variety of medical and dental fields. We also offer a number of courses that fulfill the science requirements of students in other majors. These include  contemporary general biology, natural history, environmental biology, entomology, marine biology, dinosaurs, ornithology, and ethnobotany.

Programs of Study

  • Biology Department

    Biology Degree

    The major is designed to meet some of the common lower-division requirements for a major in Biology. For Students who plan to transfer, completion of the CSU General- Breadth… MORE >>

  • Biology Department: Field Ecology Certificate

    Field Ecology Certificate

    The Field Ecology Certificate program provides the student with the training and education necessary to succeed in government agencies, private businesses, and non-profits that provide field ecology services. Students… MORE >>