ESL At Sac City

How are English Writing classes and ESL classes different?

There are many differences in teaching, content, and expectations.  Learn about key differences in faculty training and preparation as well as differences in classroom content and activities from this handout.  1 p. PDF.  Prepared by Richard S. Cervin, Ph.D.

English or ESL: How are the classes different? (PDF)

I’m an international student (or will be). Where can I get the information I need?

Be sure to check the International Student Center pages for all the information you need about visas and entrance requirements, courses and units, insurance, etc.

Where can I get tutoring to help me write better?

Writing Center – Writing Tutoring for all courses

Learning Resource Center, LRC 141 (1st floor)
Phone: 916-558-2126

Please check with the Center’s staff regarding hours of availability.

The Writing Center offers both scheduled and drop-in tutoring, but they will not correct or “fix” your writing; they can review your graded work to help you learn how to write better.

There are trained tutors as well as English and ESL instructors available to work with you (no cost if you are an enrolled SCC student).

How can I speak with my counselor to plan my education?

If you have questions about the ESL program, which ESL classes to take, what classes are right for you, and so on, always start by talking to an ESL Faculty member.

Faculty and contact info

Contact the ESL Department Chair:

Contact our ESL Counselors:

For questions about degrees, transfer, and to complete your iSEP, Meet with a Counselor.

All Students: Get your Individual Student Education Plan completed as soon as you can!

General ESL Questions

How are ESL writers different from native speakers?

Read about the different challenges that non-native language learners face when learning English (compared to native speakers improving their English).  3pp. PDF.

ESL Writers  v. English Writers – What’s the Difference? (PDF)

How long does it take to learn a language?

This handout helps to explain the different times required to really learn basic communication (1-3 years) and academic proficiency (7-9 years).

Learn some important facts (and myths) about how people acquire additional languages, including the time it takes to master academic English.  2pp. PDF.  Prepared by Richard S. Cervin, PhD.

The Facts on Second Language Acquisition (PDF)