File Completion Process

The Financial Aid Staff must verify several pieces of information before your Financial Aid File can be completed.  The following is a description of each type of data element that must be verified.


The Department of Education, the California Student Aid Commission, or the SCC Financial Aid Office may select my application for a process called “Verification.” This selection may take place any time during the school year, even after you begin to receive financial assistance. This federal requirement requires the Financial Aid Office to verify income and application information. All further aid will be discontinued until all requested documents are submitted and the process is completed.

High School Diploma Authenticity

Sacramento City College reserves the right to evaluate High School diploma(s). The Vice President of Student Services or his designee may, at any time, request a copy of a high school transcript or other documentation to validate the authenticity of the High School diploma. The decision of the Vice President of Student Services or his designee is final and cannot be appealed. As provided in the Federal Register (Section 668.16) the college may withhold Financial Aid funds.

High School/GED Requirements

You must have earned a high school diploma (this can be from a foreign school if it is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma), completed homeschooling or GED/Equivalent.

Effective with the 2012-2013 award year, students who do not have a high school diploma, or an equivalent such as a GED, and who have not completed homeschooling are not eligible for Title IV funds. Such students can no longer become eligible by passing an approved “ability-to-benefit” test or by satisfactorily completing at least 6 units of college work that is applicable to a degree or certificate offered by Sacramento City College.

However, students who were enrolled in an eligible educational program of study before July 1, 2012 may continue to be considered for Title IV eligible under either the ATB test or 6 units of college work.

18-19 ATB/Unit Eligibility form (Fall 18, Spring 19, Summer 19)

19-20 ATB/Unit Eligibility form (Fall 19, Spring 20, Summer 20)

High School Completion Abroad

If the student is unable to obtain a copy of their high school diploma, a student may obtain a copy of their “secondary school leaving certificate”  (or equivalent) through the United State’s embassy in the country the student came from.

High School Completion Domestic

If the student is unable to obtain a copy of their high school diploma because the high school the student attended is no longer open or no longer has records of the student, there are options a student may take to obtain a copy of their high school diploma, transcript,  (or equivalent).

Option 1:  Contact the School District the student’s high school was in.

Option 2:  If the student’s high school has closed you may try contacting the existing high school in the area and ask them if they have any records of your old high school or if they would know who would be responsible for storing the records of your old high school, such as high school diplomas.

Option 3:  You may try to contact your county clerk recorder’s office.

Option 4:  You may try to contact your state’s department of education office.

Eligible Academic Plan

All students must declare an eligible education goal with the Admissions Office to establish financial aid eligibility. New students must declare their educational goal on the Admissions application. Continuing students need to update their educational goal every semester on the Supplemental Enrollment form. The courses you enroll in must be required and applicable towards an eligible degree, certificate or transfer objective.

Eligible Educational Goals are:

  • Transfer to 4-Year Institution with AA/AS Degree
  • Transfer to 4-Year Institution without AA/AS Degree
  • Earn AA/AS Degree without Transfer
  • Earn a Vocational Certificate

Special Programs

Students will be funded financial aid for the following programs if they are accepted in the program.  If students are working on the prerequisites for any of the programs below, another major must be selected, students should visit an Academic Counselor and review the Allied Health Learning Community information online.

  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Assisting Certificate
  • Dental Hygiene Degree
  • LVN-RN 30 unit Option Certificate
  • Nursing, Registered
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Degree
  • Vocational Nursing Degree
  • Vocational Nursing Certificate

Selective Service

Almost all male U.S. citizens regardless of where they live, and documented or undocumented immigrant men residing in the U.S., are required to be registered with Selective Service if they are at least 18 years old but are not yet 26 years old. Men who are 26 years old and older are too old to register.  Specific requirements and exemptions are available online.

Men exempt from the requirement to register include:

  1. Males currently in the U.S. Armed Forces and on active duty (this exception does not apply to members of the Reserve and National Guard who are not on active duty)
  2. Males who are not yet 18 at the time that they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  3. Males born before 1960
  4. Citizens of the Republic of Palau
  5. Citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, or the Federated States of Micronesia are not required to be registered during their first year in the U.S.; however, citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia who live in the United States for more than one year for any reason except as a student or employee of the government of his homeland must register with Selective Service.
  6. Noncitizens who first entered the U.S. after they turned 26 are not required to register. If a male immigrant can show proof that he first entered the U.S. when he was 26 or older, he is clearly not required to be registered. The student’s entry documentation is enough to show whether he was required to register.
  7. Noncitizens who entered the U.S. as lawful nonimmigrants on a valid visa and remained in the U.S. on the terms of that visa after they turned 26.

If you are age 26 or older and did not register, and you do not meet one of the exemption criteria above, you must submit a Selective Service Status Letter to our office with an explanation of why you did not register. You may request a Status Letter at

If you are between 18-25 years of age and are required to register, and have not registered, you must do one of the following:

  1. Answer “Male” to item 21 and “Register Me” to item 22 on your SAR
  2. Complete a Selective Service Registration form at your local post office
  3. Register online at

If you believe that you have already registered, please contact Selective Service at 847-688-6888.