Orientation for International Students

The orientation process starts you off on the right path. We now have 2 requirements for international students:

Orientation I

All students are required to complete the Los Rios Community College District’s Online Orientation before they can enroll in a priority registration period. You may begin the online orientation the day after you receive your Los Rios student ID number. This orientation will provide you with important information to help you succeed and excel as a student at Sacramento City College (SCC).
If students do not complete this orientation they will not be able to enroll early and have to wait for Open Registration; leading to a lessor chance of obtaining needed and desired classes/courses.


Orientation II

All new or new transfer-in students are REQUIRED to attend our International Student Center (ISC) Mandatory International Orientation. This Orientation is held the week prior to the official start of school and will provide you with information to help you get the most from your educational experience at SCC.
We now have a 2 day Orientation: Day 1 we will provide general college information, academic information, and SEVIS regulations; and on Day 2, we will experience an off-campus day trip for networking,  site seeing, and additional educational information. Both days are Mandatory unless special circumstances have been discussed with the ISC staff.