Student Services

Student Services creates a welcoming environment for students, serves the whole student by integrating services, contributes to student success at all stages of the student’s academic and human development, and collaborates with Instruction in all areas.

Student Services Programs

  • Admissions & Records

    The Admissions and Records Office is here to help students from application to graduation.  We provide assistance for the application, eServices, enrollment, transcripts, verifications, Veterans Affairs, and graduation and certificates.

  • Assessment Center

    The Assessment Center measures skills in mathematics, English, and English as a Second Language. The Center also provides assessments in other areas, such as career interest and learning style… MORE >>

  • Student Associated Council - Summary

    The Student Associated Council (SAC) is a team of student leaders dedicated to representing the interests and protecting the future of a diverse student body.  The SAC consists of… MORE >>

  • CalWORKs

    The CalWORKs Office assists students who are receiving TANF/Public Assistance with educational planning and counseling, support services and job placement/retention services.

  • Career Center

    The Career Center provides resource materials, guidance, workshops, computerized assessments and information to help students explore viable career opportunities.

  • Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center is here to serve your needs to accomplish your educational goals. Whether you are a first time college student or a returning student, the Counseling Center can be… MORE >>

  • Disability Resource Center

    The Disability Resource Center provides support services designed to improved access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities.

  • Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOP&S)

    EOP&S provides opportunities in higher education for economically and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP&S provides additional support services to help students pursue goals and achieve educational success.

  • Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office has a variety of financial aid programs that are available to SCC students who meet the eligibility requirements. Federal, state, and local sources of financial… MORE >>

  • Health Services

    The Health Services Office is open daily to provide health care, health counseling, emergency care for injuries and sudden illnesses, evaluation of health problems, and referrals to social services… MORE >>

  • Outreach and Recruitment

    Outreach and Recruitment makes scheduled visits to high schools in order to provide information about SCC’s enrollment and assessment procedures, registration, and counseling information, programs, services, activities, and resources… MORE >>

  • International Student Center

    Students receive admission assistance, academic advisement, personal and career counseling as well as information regarding United States laws and regulations which affect them.

  • Job Services

    Job Services assists students in obtaining on-campus employment, maintains listings of on and off- campus job opportunities, and provides referrals to off-campus public and private sector employers.  Job Services… MORE >>

  • Learning (dis)Abilities Program

    The Learning Disabilities Program exists to provide equal academic access for students with identified learning disabilities. The program provides evaluation for eligibility. Students who receive eligibility through completion of… MORE >>

  • Orientation

    Online Orientation is required for all new students and will provide important information to help students succeed and excel at any of the Los Rios colleges.   After successful… MORE >>

  • RISE Program

    The RISE Program is designed to inspire and assist those students placed on academic dismissal. Students are provided one-on-one counseling with a caring and interested counselor. Tutoring is arranged… MORE >>

  • Puente Project

    Puente places emphasis on assisting Mexican American/Latino students in achieving academic and career goals. English instructors, counselors, and Latino professionals work with students to provide academic, community and career… MORE >>

  • Student Leadership and Development

    The Student Leadership and Development Program provides and complements learning in and out of the classroom. All students are encouraged to create and take advantage of opportunities for involvement… MORE >>

  • Success Coaching

    Success Coaching empowers student achievement by providing strategies to help students accomplish their educational and career goals.

  • Transfer Center

    The Transfer Center provides resources such as CDs’/DVDs, catalogs, college information and ASSIST, a computerized articulation system. Students also receive transfer counseling and advisement and are encouraged to participate… MORE >>

  • Umoja-SBA

    The Umoja-SBA learning community is committed to the academic success, personal growth, and development of students of African Ancestry as well as other students of diverse ancestries with the… MORE >>

  • Veterans

    The Veterans Affairs Office offers a variety of programs to Veterans and to dependents of deceased or disabled Veterans. The Veterans Resource Center is an on-campus facility designed to help Veterans… MORE >>

  • Workability III

    Workability III offers counseling, career development and job placement services to students with disabilities who are clients of the Department of rehabilitation.

  • Work Experience and Internships

    The Work Experience Education and Internship Program provides students opportunities to earn college credit for new experiences gained through paid or volunteer work by combining planned and supervised work experience with… MORE >>