Student Senate

The Student Senate primarily deals with issues both within and outside of our campus. We are dedicated to making the college experience better for everyone and making sure the voices of the students are being heard.

The Student Senate serves as the means through which students may be nominated to participate on College and/or District groups, task forces, or other governance groups. Further, the Student Senate serves to provide input into the formation of College and District policies and procedures that have or will have a significant effect on students.

The Student Senate General Board meetings are every Wednesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. These meetings are held in either RHN 258 or the Student Center. To view the meeting location for specific dates, please refer to the SLD Master Calendar.

Executive Board for 2018-2019


President – Kimberly Ramos

Vice President – Chidi Omeze

Secretary – Allison Stewart

Treasurer – Jacqueline Adams

President Pro-Temp – Omar Rincon

Legislative Affairs –Myles Cobb

Public Relations – Mary Ann Myers

Sustainability – Isabella-Marie Engel

Technology – Joshua Caldwell


Marlena Ainsworth

Adrian Balaj

Sheku Baryoh

Irma Gonzalez

Priscilla Gonzalez

Alfonso Jimenez-Valenzuela

Randee Jones

Kae Jon Moore

MaryAnn Myers

Breece Phipps

Bryce Sullins

Annie Thurman

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Meeting Documents

Want to be added to the agenda, have amendments, or have questions concerning the agenda? Please email